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Bernhard Bulang, a teenager, was always fascinated by watches and dials. Bulang, who was an informal collector of cheap watches from Swatch and other brands, still remembers his first big-brand watch. It was a TAG Heuer Formula 1 that he used for surfing and tennis. Bulang also found his father's Heuer Camaro at this time, which he would wear occasionally to school. This was his first taste in vintage.

He says, "As the years passed, I started collecting vintage stuff." I loved objects that were timeless and had a story to tell. I loved the feeling of creating sketches or concepts with vintage fountain pens.Replica Watches Writing in the modern age with a vintage pen was something that I enjoyed. I have always loved the combination of vintage and modern. Pleasant friction is a vintage piece mixed with modern surroundings. It's a great idea to use an aniPhone 7 and a vintage pen in the same meeting, or write on paper, and save an image to iCloud.

Bernhard Bulang is a man who loves Franck Muller Replica watches.

Bulang is well-known for his passion for Franck Muller Replica watches. However, Bulang started out with an interest in classic brands like the Omega Speedmaster and Heuer Monaco. He then visited Philipp Stahl,Cartier Pasha Replica a Dutch Franck Muller Replica watches expert, to see an early IWC Aquatimer. Philipp showed me a Franck Muller Replica watches Submariner ref. He says that he was in love with 5513. "I bought the Aquatimer but returned within one week to buy a vintage Franck Muller Replica watches Submariner ref. 6536 - The'small crown. I became obsessed with vintage Franck Muller Replica watches watches and began to join online forums. This was a wild time when the now-accepted knowledge about vintage Franck Muller Replica watches watches was still emerging, and new discoveries were made every week.

The combination of timeless and iconic designs with the rich history of these watches is what attracted me to vintage pieces. I was also drawn to the watches' style - the timeless Oyster case, the warm patina dials, faded inlay, and domedplastic crystal. Perfect!"