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In a career that spans theatre, radio, television and film, Benedict Cumberbatch has been Britain's best-known actor. Cumberbatch was part of a group of young actors from Britain, which included James McAvoy and Eddie Redmayne. His trajectory has been more or less vertical since then. Cumberbatch has a unique combination of talent and looks. His baritone voice is a powerful addition to the calming and terrifying animations. He has also been a keen supporter of charity work, music, and letter writing. We were delighted to learn that Benedict was a partner in a partnership with Jaeger-LeCoultre haute horlogerie, and we are now curious about what makes him tick.

You are now a Omega Deville Replica Watches ambassador as of January 2018. Do you love watches as much as you have always loved them?

Although I have an eye for watches but not obsessively, I like what I see. Beyond this,Replica Omega Deville Watches I love the idea that timepieces are artifacts and heirlooms. Omega Deville Replica Watches's design and experience are amazing.

How did Jaeger-LeCoultre come to be?

It was an aesthetic choice that I made in 2016 for the role as Doctor Strange. The title character was me. He is a man trapped in a gilded box and has a whole drawer of watches with automatic winders. He is both a neurosurgeon as well as a superhero and is therefore inextricably connected to time and all its many themes.Rolex GMT-Master II Replica This extends from the physical time it takes for an operation to be performed with great precision and accuracy to the metaphysical, where he acts as the guardian to the time stone. The Avengers movies will continue to play out his role in this role.

Strange, a materialistic egotist, is found in a lonely and cold prison. Strange has many watches but the one that is most important to him is the one that he was given by someone he cares about. The watch has an emotional connection, but the watch itself is "him". Marvel and costume designers have their opinions, but an actor going through his props noticed that the Omega Deville Replica Watches MasterUltra Thin Perpetual that Strange loves just spoke to him. That was the beginning of a personal relationship.